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Portfolio Funding

Multiple Residential Properties – One Loan For many residential property investors the most frustrating part of their investing activities is finding new funding for each new property after they have reached the “5 door” limit rule with their lender.  Having solid performing assets, but the inability to leverage those assets to continue to grow their […]

A Simple but Essential Check on Investment Property Pricing

“Price Check on Property 6 Please”  ….  Taking 10 to 20 minutes to complete an easy pricing validation test can save an investor hours of time and effort. I’m continuously surprised at how many buyers of commercial properties, even those considered experienced investors, get so deep into the purchase of a new property without having […]

Can office sublets become a new entry point for the residential investor to enter into commercial property management.

Coming out of COVID lockdowns many companies are finding they will be downsizing their offices. These decisions are being made to allow many of their staff to continue working remotely. The result is a growing amount of space available for sublet, often at a substantial discount. These sublets can actually create a unique opportunity for […]

NorthBrook Brings Vendor Finance to Commercial Real Estate Financing

NorthBrook is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with an international designer and builder of modular multi-residential housing units. Under this new partnership NorthBrook will provide dedicated financing solutions for all of the builder’s commercial clients. Financing for larger multi-unit prefabricated construction projects, brings with it its own distinctive elements, particularly when […]

Is It Time to Move Up

Residential Rentals to Apartment Residential rental properties have long been a haven for investors to buy, operate and secure solid returns. However, that was when we had a less volatile housing market. With the recent escalation of housing prices, but no corresponding increases in rental rates, properties that once cash flowed to a positive annual […]

Considering Alternative Solutions

The world after COVID is not the same and will not likely return to what it was.  The place businesses will run their operations out of is one of the more challenging questions they are facing.  Both property owner and tenant are looking for flexibility and terms they can live with over the next 5 years.  We recently advised on a transaction where a distribution company was looking to […]