More than traditional mortgage placements.

We are here to advise you at the beginning of your property acquisition projects through to the placement of the needed financing:

Do you have the right equity and leverage position,

What are your best ownership and financing options,

How can you maximize your position,

We help you answer these questions

then we help you get it done.

Our specialized advisory services include:

  • Organizing/optimizing your legal ownership structure,
  • Customized project scoring tools applied throughout the life of your purchase or refinancing efforts
  • Ensuring all your financial reporting is in order,
  • Constructing a funding position that gets you what your need,
  • Completing a full lender’s underwriting so you know what’s needed ahead of time,
  • Placing professional funding submissions that maximizes your borrowings today and for your future.

In short, we can bring more to the table to ensure your transaction gets the best possible chance at funding.

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All mortgage placement services are completed under mortgage agent #M22000151

with Easy Investment Solutions Inc. ( Lic#13251 ).