Since 2001 NorthBrook has brought the Canadian lending community innovative lending programs, technologies and lender scoring to provide the market with new funding options and ways to attract quality originations to match the varied risk profiles of our clients and partners.

We continue that commitment to the lending sector today.

In 2020 NorthBrook is continuing its community lender program started last year.  With an expanded team of partners, these programs provide direct lender underwriting and proactive funding.

Targeted Financing Programs

Each program targets a specific property type with well-defined terms that gives you the confidence your transaction will be funded.

Mixed Use Properties

Have a property that is zoned residential and commercial? Our financing programs offer your investors easy qualification on a purchase or cash-out refinance.


Are your investors looking to purchase a retail property? Our programs offer short-term and long-term financing on both single and multi-units.

Land/ Construction

Starting a new project and require capital for the land purchase or to begin construction? Our programs can assist you in any phase of the process.

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